AILiveSim is a young startup, that uses game technology to create realistic dynamic simulation for training and testing AI algorithms. Our software can be used to augment datasets, collect associated ground truth, train new learning algorithms using curriculum, or various types of testing. We create environments that look realistic, are parametric and we model some procedural elements to allow for a maximum of variations.

We offer a motivating compensation plan, a large amount of freedom in your work and an unmatched human adventure. You will get a chance to play a key role in the life of the company. We are currently looking for exceptional candidates, self-driven and with a strong motivation. We value experience and education but we also know that talent doesn’t necessarily comes with the number of years. We also believe in the power of the team, so a team player that is able to communicate and brainstorm is considered a must.

We are looking to fill several roles:

Game Programmer / Software developer

Your responsibility will be to design and implement parts of our system and to guide and the content team.

We expect succesful candiates to have some of the following :
- experience with programming game play, graphics, animations or other subsystems or tools
- know about games or real time 3D simulation
- familiar with unreal engine
- c/c++, python
- computer graphics
- game development
- test driven development
- neural networks
- embedded robotics software

Technical Environment Artists

You responsibility will be to create environments which looks very realistic while supporting a large number of variations.

We expect succesful candiates to have :
- good knowledge of content creation for video games - we value experience
- familiar with max or maya, zbrush, substance, houdini, etc..
- experience with modeling and creating pbr materials
- experience with photogrammetry considered a plus
- fearless of blueprints, scripting or programming is considered a plus
- familiar with unreal engine is considered a plus
- experience with VFX or lighting is considered a plus

Open Application

You think you can contribute to our project, feel free to contact us! We are alway eager to hire great individuals.


In case you feel that we need to hear from you, send your application and cover letter explaining your motivation to jobs@ailivesim.com, we will get back to you shortly.